Company Origin and Development
  • 2014.
    02.Selected as govemment supplier for home solar power system
    10.Awarded from Incheon metropolitan city as a Local Business
  • 2013.
    01.Green Biz Enterprise Awarded (A-Grade)
  • 2012.
    12.Vision Enterprise Certification
  • 2011.
    11.Registered Green Biz Enterprise (Grade A)
  • 2010.
    04.Moved to New Factory
  • 2009.
    09.Registration of New Renewable Energy Specialty Enterprise (Solar Rays / Wind Power)
    08. Federation of Small and Medium Enterprise Manufacturing Verified Company (Lamplighter, Control Circuit)
    06.Ministy of Knowledge Economy Core Technology Development Business Project Performed (6KW High Efficient Lift Type Vertical Axis Wind Generator Developed)
    05.Attracted 2 Billion Won Investment by KB Venture Invest & Foreign Exchange Bank (New Renewable Energy Wind Development Field)
    04.Wind Generator Displayed in Germany Hannover Energy Exhibition
  • 2008.
    09.China Office Establishment (Shanghai)
  • 2007.
    08.INNO-Biz (Innovation Biz) Certification
  • 2006.
    04.2nd Factory Set Up (Electric controller Factory
  • 2005.
    07.Selected Advanced Export Corporation
    07.Selected Advanced Small & Medium Sized Company
  • 2004.
    08.INNO-Biz (Innovation Biz) Certification
    06.The Company Name Changed as Hephzibah Co.,LTD.
  • 2003.
    04.ISO 9001 Certification (KSA)
  • 1999.
    10.Awarded as Advanced Industrial Company
  • 1998.
    08.Designated Venture Enterprise by SMBA
    03.Selected Superior Company for Goo Cooperation Between Labor & Ower from Government
    02.ISO 9001 Certification
  • 1996.
    11.Awarded U$ 10,000,000 Export Medal from Government
  • 1995.
    11.Awarded U$ 5,000,000 Export Medal from Government
  • 1994.
    11.Awarded U$ 1,000,000 Export Medal from Government
    08.Auto Insert Equipment (AXIAL, RADIAL, SMD)
  • 1993.
    12.Admitted as a Superior Technology Company by KOTEC
    04. Establishment of R&D Institute
  • 1986.
    02.Acquisition of Import & Export Trade License
    01.Established as Hephzibah Industries Co., Ltd.
Airrex Product Development History
  • 2013.
    03.2Way Portable Air Conditioner Developed (HSC-1160)
    03.Psychrometric Type Calorimeter equipment Installation
    08.Far-Infrared Rays Oil Heater of the New Models Developed (AH-300,600,800)
    08.Large-Capacity Dehumidifier Developed (ADH-800)
  • 2012.
    07.Compact Ceiling Type A/C Developed (HSC-500)
    08.Programmable Temperature Control System Developed (PTCS-1400)
  • 2011.
    03.Large-Capacity Dehumidifier Developed (ADH-1000)
    08.Near-Infrared Rays Heater Developed (AH-12N,22/23,32/33)
  • 2010.
    01.Programmable Temperature Control System of the New Models Developed (PTCS-1300)
    01.HEPA Filtration Machine Developed (HSC-HEPA2000)
    08.Near-Infrared Rays Heater Developed (AH-11N,16N,21N)
  • 2009.
    08.Large Space Plate Heater Developed (AH-799)
    08.Near-Infrared Heater Developed (AH-28N, 288NI, 399NI)
    02.Air Sterilizer Developed (AS-205,305,405,605)
    02.Water-cooling Industrial Portable Air Conditioner Developed (HWC - 2250, 3250)
  • 2008.
    09.Agricultural electric Fan Heater Developed (AN-505, 507)
    08.Near-Infrared Heater Developed (AH-10N, 20N)
    03.Kichen Stainless Portable Air Conditioner Developed (HSC-2200S, 3200S)
  • 2007.
    08.Compact Plate Heater Developed(AH-705,71S)
    08.3 Wall Mountable Plate Heater Models Developed
    08.4 Far-Infrared Premium Heater Models Developed
    03.Two-Way Portable Air Conditioner Developed (HSC-1100S/H)
    03.Home/Office Portable Air Conditioner Developed (AH-1700Pro)
  • 2006.
    08.4 Pate Heater Models Developed (AH-700 Series)
  • 2005.
    07.Compact Far-Infrared Heater Developed(AH-100)
    07.4 Pate Heater Models Developed (AH-500 Series)
  • 2004.
    07.Compact Far-Infrared Heater Developed(AH-150)
    03.Home/Office Portable Air Conditioner Developed(AR-1000)
  • 2003.
    11.Programmable Temperature Control System Developed
    11.CE Certified (Far-Infrared Heater, Industrial Air Conditioner)
    09.Won Mark Quality Certified (Far-Infrared Heater)
    07.5 far-Infrared Heater Models AH Series Developed
    06.Automatic Heating Power Adjusting Far-Infrared Heater Developed(AH-200)
  • 2002.
    08.5 far-Infrared Heater Models HTH Series Developed
    03.Industrial Portable Air Conditioner 3RT Developed
  • 1999.
    05ETL Certified, CE Certified (Industrial Portable Air Conditioner)
  • 1997.
    10.AIRREX Trademark Registerd
  • 1996.
    03.Residential Portable Air Conditioner developed
  • 1994.
    09.Industrial Far-Infrared Heater Developed
  • 1993.
    05. Industrial Portable Air Conditioner Developed